Historically the Dutch stood for innovation in all areas. We refined the tools to bring capital and ideas together. We are the rugged adventurers who discovered new routes across the oceans. We are the combination of adventurers, merchants and scientists. Now we are again, with Dutch startups who discover new worlds of tech, food and water and change.

Dutch banks see great potential for these startups. The Netherlands has an excellent position thanks to talent, capital and accessibility. Startups are companies that are looking for a scalable business model and be able to use a little boost. Startups may, because of their exponential growth potential, provide opportunities for the Netherlands.

How can we make these companies successful? Initiatives such as Startup Delta, Startup Amsterdam and Holland FinTech are already working hard to accelerate startups and make them successful. But more needs to be done. The ecosystem for startups can and must be better!

Dutch banks intend jointly to learn what role they can play in transforming good ideas into successful startups and provide growth opportunities. The banks want to do anything to support a new generation merchants who potentially have the world at their feet: The New Dutch! Banks have a role to stimulat good ideas towards startups, in addition to universities, companies, venture capitalists and incubators. We want to examine where the greatest untapped potential lies, from the strength of the participants.

Program The New Dutch

Friday, June 9

09:00 hours Doors Open
09:30 hours
Opening by Z.K.H. Prins Constantijn
09:45 hours
Bank present status update
10:30 hours
Kick off workshops
10:40 hours Break and go to separate rooms
10:50 hours
11:50 hours
Wrap up and conclusions
12:00 hours Lunch